March Hits & Misses

Hey guys,

So, it’s the start of April already.  How?!  How is it the start of April already?!  The time is going too quickly, BUT I shouldn’t complain, summer is just around the corner and hopefully it will bring better weather for us too. 😛

Today’s post is, as you can tell by the title, my March hits and misses. Although I have only been blogging for a few weeks now, I thought I would do a monthly favourite post each month.  I love to read & hear about other people’s monthly favourites so why not talk about my own ones too?!  I have a mix of high end and more budget friendly items.

I’ll talk about my favourites first, then I’ll talk about the misses, of which there are only two.

First up is the beautiful ABH X Amrezy highlighter.

It’s just fabulous. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this. It’s stunning.  A beautiful pale gold that is universally flattering and gives a glow like no other.  I have a full review on it here with more information and photos.

Next up is another highlighter, this time it’s Parisian Lights by Becca Cosmetics which they collaborated with French influencer Sannas on. It’s beautiful.  It is a pale pink with gold reflect, its just stunning.  It’s different from other highlighters I own, which are all golden, this is the only one I have that is a definite pink tone with a gold reflect.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in the shade Dim Light is next up and has become probably my favourite setting powder.  It’s just beautiful.  It is a very finely milled and lightweight powder that sets my foundation and concealer without looking cakey.  It gives a beautiful finish to my complexion that is semi-matte.  I just love it.  I have a full review on it here with more information and photos.

Next up is a budget-friendly foundation that gives my more expensive foundations a run for their money.  This is the Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation by American beauty brand Covergirl.

It is medium to full coverage, probably closer to full but it doesn’t look heavy or cakey.  It blends in beautifully with a gorgeous finish and lasts for HOURS!  I’ve worn this for 12-15 hours on occasion and it has lasted.  Granted, by around 12 hours it could do with a powder or blot, but sure look, most foundations are like that so I won’t hold that against it. 😉

What’s not to love? Long lasting, great coverage, looks beautiful and it’s budget friendly too.  A win-win for most of us I would say!

Bobbi Brown’s Face Blender Brush has become my go-to foundation brush.  It’s quite a fluffy brush but it does have some denseness to it, which I quite like.  It blends in foundation seamlessly and quickly, but without leaving brush strokes.  Expensive at £33, but worth it in my opinion!

PS…Lip Liners by Penneys are probably some of the best budget-friendly liners there are on the markets.  I’ve used two of these nude ones, this is my third.  I just love it.  It’s €1.50, creamy, long lasting, has good pigmentation, looks great when applied, wears off evenly and gives its more expensive counterparts a run for their money frankly.

Nude lip colours are my favourite because they’re easy to put on and go with pretty much any make up look, plus, you don’t have to worry about topping up or bleeding like you do with some brighter or bolder colours.  Who has time for that?

I love to apply it and fill in my entire lip, then put some nude or clear gloss over it and I’m good to go.   I also love pairing it with MAC’s Velvet Teddy or my nude lippy from Essence, it goes so well with both and looks great too.  It’s my most used lipliner.  For €1.50 you cannot go wrong, you really can’t.  I have a full review of this lipliner here.

My last make-up favourite of the month is this Lash Multimizer Mascara by Catrice.


This is a fabulous mascara and it’s a complete steal at €4.95.  It gives length, volume and definition without any clumping or flaking.  What more could you ask for?  It’s super black to boot and it comes in both waterproof and non-waterproof formulations.  I have the non-waterproof formula and haven’t experienced any smudging or flaking with it,.

I have a few skincare favourites this month with the first being an eye cream and that is All About Eyes Rich by Clinique.  It’s one I’ve used for a few years, albeit I used to use the regular, non-rich version, however this time I decided to try the rich version, and honestly, I prefer it so much more.

Although rich and quite thick in texture, it’s not heavy by any means.  A little goes a long way so I can see this lasting a while.  It’s a hugely moisturising cream that has really helped my dark circles and puffiness, as it claimed it does.

Back in February I rediscovered the Vitamin C Clarity Facial Wash by Soap & Glory.  This was something I used about a year or two ago and had forgotten about as I tried other facial washes.  At Christmas I picked up the Soap & Glory Star Gift in Boots and this wash was one of the items included in it.

It’s a blue-coloured gel wash with pink beads that gently exfoliates without stripping my skin or being harsh on it. It lathers up really nicely and you only need a pea sized amount, maybe even less, it smells gorgeous too and it’s really inexpensive at €10.99.  You can find it here.

You really can’t go wrong with this wash, it comes in a 350ml bottle and because you only need a teeny tiny amount it will last ages.  I have been using mine since the start of February and I have used about a quarter of the bottle so it’s good going for something that is used daily, sometimes twice daily.  I have dry skin and this hasn’t caused any further dryness or irritation or anything.

Now, onto the misses…

First up is the Nude Magique BB Cream by L’Oreal.

I picked this up recently as I am looking for something that has lighter coverage but would still even out my complexion and give my skin a healthy glow without clinging to dry patches or drying my skin out.

I decided to pick this up because it’s inexpensive and I usually like L’Oreal products.  As I’m pale, naturally I chose the light one.  Unfortunately I was left very disappointed by the colour.  It’s orange.

The product comes out white and has pigment particles in it which are supposed to adjust to your skin tone, which I thought was great until I swatched it when I got home.

So for me, this is a miss unfortunately. If the colour wasn’t so awful it would be a favourite, not a miss!

My second miss of the month is the Catrice Prime & Fine Eye Base.

This product by Catrice is one I had heard so many great things about, I, quite honestly, hadn’t heard a bad thing about it so I was very excited to try it out.  I always use an eye primer, usually Painterly by MAC, which is around €19.50, so if I can find a product that works nearly as well, but for a lot less (and this Catrice primer was a LOT less) I’d be a very happy bunny.  Alas, this eye base, wasn’t that product.

It didn’t work for me at all.  Once applied with it’s doe-foot applicator, I couldn’t seem to blend it out.  It wouldn’t blend with a brush, beauty blender or my fingers.  Literally nothing would blend it out, I ended up having to use an oil-based make-up remover to take it off, as it was the only item that removed it for me.

It was €3.95 I think, so very inexpensive, but I still feel very disappointed with it because of how highly raved about it is, but yet it didn’t work for me and that is always disappointing, I’m just glad I hadn’t spent a lot of money on it.

So that’s my March hits and misses summed up, I hope you enjoyed reading and if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned please let me know how you got on with them and what you thought of them, I would love to hear thoughts/experiences.



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