Hits & Misses | February 2019

Hey everyone, I am back with another post after a hiatus.  I posted on my Instagram recently about being in a slump post-Christmas and how it has affected my blogging.  You can read that post here if you’d like to.

I really needed a break and thankfully I am starting to feel better now and I will be back posting, however as I mentioned in that IG post, I won’t have a posting schedule like I did previous because at the moment, it’s too pressurising and I can’t commit/promise I will have posts up on specific days etc.  I hope you understand and I thank you for your patience and sticking with me throughout my break.

I didn’t do a Hits & Misses post in January because 1) I was on a break and 2) a lot of what I as loving in Dec I was still using in Jan, I didn’t switch up my products much like I usually do.  However, I have been using some newbies over the past couple of weeks and I’m sharing them in this post.  There are quite a few so I’ll jump in.  

Brushes, Methods & Tools

First up are two items by Sigma.  Their Dry’n Shape Tower and SigMagic Scrub.  Both of which I’ve been eyeing up for ages, so I finally ordered them after Xmas and so far, I am loving them, the tower especially. 

Sigma Dry’n Shape Tower Full Set

When I wash my brushes, I hate having them lying around waiting for them to dry and I’m always concerned about water getting into the ferrule, so by hanging them on the tower it ensures that water doesn’t get into the ferrule and it’s handy for having my brushes up and out of the way while drying too. 

Sigma SigMagic Scrub

The SigMagic scrub makes quick work of washing my brushes too.  It’s so easy, it just sticks to the sink and I put my soap in and just scrub away.  It’s so, so handy and takes me half the time it did before. 

I know it’s just a scrubber and nothing revolutionary, it’s just so handy and has quickly become a favourite for me.

Penneys / Primark’s Eyeshadow Shields have been a godsend when it comes to use loose pigments and doing winged liner.  They make doing a sharp, even wing so easy.  I am terrible at doing a wing, but with these it’s *so* much easier. 

Penneys / Primark Eyeshadow Shields

They’re also amazing for catching fallout especially from loose pigments.  They’re only €1.50 for 30 too, which is a steal and if you aren’t using loose pigments or eyeshadows, one shield will do both eyes, just cut it in half. 

I have also been absolutely loving the Bare Minerals Starswept brush trio too.  This was released as part of their Chrismtas collection, and although it’s sold out in most places, Debenhams do have some in stock for €30.  The set contains three brushes: Shade and Diffuse Brush, Supreme Finish Brush and a Blooming Blusher Brush. 

Bare Minerals Starswept Brush Trio

I love the Shade and Diffuse brush for applying concealer or an eye base to my lids before going in with shadows.  It’s a great size and it applies the right amount of product and blends it in nicely and quickly.

The Supreme Finish Brush I love for finishing my face.  When I have applied all my products except for setting spray, I like to take this brush and gently run it over my face to ensure all my products look seamless.  It’s amazing for that and although it’s quick a thick brush, it doesn’t disturb my base or cause my foundation to move around.

The Blooming Blusher Brush I actually like for contouring and for applying blush.  I never really contoured but this brush changed that, now, I do make an effort to contour sometimes and this is the best brush for it in my opinion.  I love how it applies contouring products and blends them in seamlessly.  It’s amazing for blush too, it applies the right amount and because of it’s size, you get quite a precise application, which I really like.

Next up are two application methods, rather than products or tools.  Both of these I saw Simone from Simone Scribes using and I started using them myself and I have to say, I much prefer them to my previous methods.  

I used to use my hands to rub in my SPF, but now I use my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I feel like I get a much better application and coverage from my SPF, which is important for me.  

The second method I’ve seen Simone use is pressing her skincare on and since I have started doing the same, I’ve noticed my redness has improved, especially on my cheeks.  This is the biggest difference I have noticed.  I feel my skincare applies and absorbs better too. 

I love layering skincare products and find that pressing them into my skin helps each layer absorb better without disturbing the layer underneath. 


I have one hair care items this month and that is Phyto’s Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray*.  CosmeticsOnline.ie very kindly sent me this just before Christmas and I started using it immediately and I’ve found my new absolute favourite heat protectant.  This stuff is amazing.  This leaves my hair feeling so soft, silky, shiny and nourished. 

Phyto Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray

I don’t always blow-dry my hair, but I use this regardless.  It helps hugely with fly-away hairs and frizz.  I will absolutely be repurchasing this and I’ll definitely look into other products in the range because of how well this works and because it didn’t irritate my scalp in any way.  This is available on Cosmetics Online for €23.  


I have a few makeup items this month, two of which are by CoverGirl Cosmetics and one of which is a new discovery for me.  These two items are both part of their Vitalist Healthy range.  They are the Vitalist Healthy Powder and the Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation.

The foundation I got last summer and used a few times, however recently I used it a lot more and I have to say, I really love it.  It has a thick but very creamy consistency and gives a nice medium coverage.  It has such a beautiful glow when blended out and does not emphasise dryness, fine lines or texture.

The powder is equally as gorgeous.  It’s not a matte powder and it doesn’t give a powdery finish to my skin either.  It sets my base while still giving my skin a glow. 

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Powder & Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation

It reminds me a lot of Hourglass Ambient Lightening Powders (review here) and although it’s not a dupe, it’s a great affordable alternative.  The Hourglass powders are £42 / €47 and this is $12.99 so there is a big difference in price.

The downside to the CoverGirl powder is that it’s not available in Ireland or the U.K, so you need to order online from the U.S and have it shipped over.  If you are ordering from America this is one item I’d definitely recommend getting especially if you like the Hourglass powders

Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Highlighting Duo from their Christmas/Holiday 2018 collection is quite possibly one of the most beautifully packaged items I’ve ever seen or owned.  It’s simply stunning. 

The glitter and gold sequins that drop down when the palette is tilted is just beautiful and really gives the duo a luxury feeling.

  Bobbi Brown Holiday 2018 Highlight & Glow Highlighting Duo

There are two highlighters in this duo, one gold and one very light pink.  In the pan the pink looks icy, but on the skin, it’s not at all icy.  The formula of these reminds me a lot of the ABH X Amrezy highlighter (review here). 

The formulas are very similar, the highlights in this duo just melt into the skin and give a stunning glow.  You can get a light layer and build it up for a more intense glow if you wanted to.

MAC’s Melon & Tan pigments are two pigments I’ve been using a lot recently.  Makeup By Doireann regularly uses a pigment by Peaches Makeup called Gatsby and it looks like a beautiful peachy-gold colour.  I don’t have that so I figured I would look through what I do have and mix some colours together to create something like it instead of buying another pigment.

MAC Pigments in Melon & Tan

Melon and Tan mixed together create a beautiful peachy gold that is absolutely gorgeous.  I’ve been loving this with warm tones through my crease and under my eye.  The colour of the pigments mixed together really suits my eye colour and makes it pop.  Although they’re not very similar, they are still gorgeous.

M·A·C x Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Collection Patrick’s Powder is a beautiful powder that looks peach-toned in the packaging, but it’s colourless when on the skin.  I use it sometimes for baking under my eyes and it’s fabulous for that.  It doesn’t make my under-eye area look dry, cakey, heavy or crepey. 

M·A·C x Patrick Starrr Slay Ride Collection Patrick’s Powder

It’s beautiful on my skin too and really sets my base without looking dry, cakey or heavy.   The only thing I dislike about the powder is the packaging because it’s very bulky.  

Inglot’s Eye Base is the only eye base I’ve been using since just after Christmas and to be honest, it’s what I’m going to continue using as it has replaced Painterly Paint Pot by MAC for me.  It’s a beautiful creamy base that is self-setting, so when you apply it, it sets soon after and doesn’t need to be set with a separate powder.

Inglot Eye Base 

It is yellow-toned (similar to Soft Ochre by MAC) and Painterly is more nude/cream, but I don’t mind the colour difference.  Application, wear-time, pigmentation and performance of my eye makeup is just as good as it is with Painterly.  The big difference is the price.  Painterly costs £16.50 / €22 and Inglot’s base is €10, so there’s quite a difference in price.

I have three lip products this month, all of which I love wearing together as they really complement each other and look gorgeous together.  Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve, Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Patina and Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in St. Tropez

Essence’s lip liner is a similar colour to Stila’s Patina lipstick and ABH’s gloss dabbed in the centre adds a little shine and a touch of shimmer as it is a metallic gloss. 

Essence lip liner in Satin Mauve, Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Patina and Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in St. Tropez. Swatches completely unedited and taken on a dull day.

Patina is the first liquid lipstick I’ve tried by Stila and it exceeded all expectations.  It’s pigmented, long wearing, easy to apply and most of all – it’s extremely comfortable to wear.  

It’s the most comfortable liquid lipstick I’ve worn.  It’s not drying at all and it doesn’t crack despite being matte and my lips being super dry.  These lipsticks have a really beautiful formula and are well worth checking out if you want a comfortable matte liquid lipstick. 

I have two products from Catrice, the first is their Foundation Lightening Drops.  These are amazing, especially for the price.  I have a few foundations that are a bit too dark for me so I mix one or two drops of these in and the foundations are the perfect colour for me.

Catrice Foundation Lightening Drops.

These drops don’t change the consistency or finish of the foundation and doesn’t affect the finish, look, longevity or overall performance or application of my foundation. 

I bought mine in Meaghers Pharmacy for under €2, so they’re very affordable and for that price, they are worth a try if you have foundations that are too dark for you.

Catrice Light Correcting Serum Primer in Sunlight

The second Catrice item is their Light Correcting Serum Primer in the shade “Sunlight”, which is a gorgeous golden colour.  It’s such a gorgeous, lightweight serum that doesn’t leave a tacky feeling on the skin and because of it’s finish, my skin glows with it.  I love using it with matte foundations especially as they look softer with this underneath. 


Since mid-Dec I’ve been using three lip balms, all of which are new discoveries.  I’ve been using By Terry’s Baume De Rose lip balmBite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask & Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Lipair.

By Terry’s Baume De Rose is fabulous, but oh-so-expensive.  It’s a beautiful thick, but creamy balm that has a gorgeous rose scent, which isn’t strong or overpowering.  Rose isn’t a scent I am usually a fan of, but this is gorgeous.  It leaves my lips so soft and moisturised.  I love using it at night especially because I know when I wake up, I will have soft, moisturised lips. 

Bite Beauty’s lip mask is another beautiful mask that is very moisturising and hydrating.  It has a thick texture that takes a while to absorb, but it’s not gloopy, greasy or sticky in any way and it’s quite comfortable to wear too.  

By Terry Baume De Rose lip balm, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask & Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Lipair

I love to dab it on over matte lipsticks to hydrate my lips, but also if I don’t want a fully matte or glossy lip, this gives a nice semi-matte shine to my lips and doesn’t disturb any product underneath or cause it to bleed or slide around. 

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Lipair is a gorgeous lip balm in stick form that is very hydrating and moisturising.  It feels so lovely on, it’s not sticky, greasy or uncomfortable and it lasts ages too.  I picked it up in TK Maxx for around €4 and I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I thought it would be handy to throw in my bag but I’m even using it at home which I don’t normally as I usually just use whatever pot of balm that I have on the go, but this is so good that I’ve been reaching for it more and more. 

Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum is a beautiful, creamy serum that really hydrates and plumps my skin.  I love mixing an oil into it for extra hydration, especially in this colder weather when my skin is drier and suffering the effects of the central heating.  It’s so hydrating and moistursing that it feels like a moisturiser when applied. 

My skin feels and looks so good when I use this and the few days that I didn’t use it, I could really feel and see a difference in my skin.  I love this and it’s one I would definitely repurchase. 

(L-R)Herbivore Phoenix Regenerating Facial Oil, Omorovicza Rose Lifting Serum

Herbivore Phoenix Regenerating Facial Oil is a beautiful lightweight but very hydrating oil.  I love mixing a couple of drops in with Omorovicza’s Rose Lifting Serum and the two of them together are amazing on my skin.  My skin absolutely loves both of these and drinks them up!  When I use these together my skin feels amazing and I could get away without using moisturiser after (although I still do). 

Herbivore’s oil is not greasy, heavy, uncomfortable or oily on my skin.  Even when applied on its own its not greasy.  I don’t feel it offers enough hydration on its own for my skin, but paired with Omorovicza’s Serum it works wonderfully. 

I have two misses from Origins this month and they the GinZing Peel-Off Mask and the Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask.  I’m a big fan of Origins products, anything I’ve tried I have been a fan of, however these masks I am just not a fan of, especially the GinZing Peel-Off Mask.  I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and sucked any moisture right out of my skin. 

My skin was so incredibly dry that I used a sheet mask a little while later to try and inject some moisture back into my skin and within 5-7 mins the sheet mask had dried up.  I have never had that happen before.  Ever. 

As well as drying the life out of my skin, it took off a wee bit of skin on the top of my left cheek.  Yup, you read that right, it took off a piece of skin when I peeled it off.  I’ve since tried it on the back of my hand and it left the skin just as dry.  If your skin is in any way dry you should avoid this. 

The Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask didn’t do anything in terms of clearing my skin or anything.  My skin didn’t feel or look any different than before I’d applied this. 

Rinsing it off was messy, because when I wet it, it turned slimy and just wasn’t nice.  It ended up taking two face clothes and a lot of very warm water to get it off and afterwards my skin felt greasy, so much so I ended up needing to wash my face again to take the greasy residue away.  

I’m glad I got a mini size of these in a set and not full sizes.  At £22/€30 I would be seriously disappointed had I bought a full size.  Definitely would not recommend either of them, especially given the price point.

Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask & Clear Improvement Charcoal, Mask Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen, Bourjous Java Rice Powder

The Bourjous Java Rice Powder is another miss for me.  I’ve had this for ages and used it a good few times, but frankly, it’s a terrible setting powder.  It’s honestly more like a subtle highlighter with chunks of fine glitter in it.  It reminds me a lot of the highlighter in L’Oréal’s Glam Bronze duo (review here), except the highlighter in that duo does not have any glitter whatsoever.

Bourjous Java Rice Powder

I can’t seem to get the glitter to come across correctly in photos, but in the above pics I lowered the exposure on the top photo so you can kind-of see a bit more and the bottom photo is completely unedited.  Both photos were taken on a dull day hence the lack of brightness. 

Because of how glowy and glittery the powder is, it’s not suitable to use as a setting powder, unless you want a glittery base.  I have dry skin and normally love a glowing base, but this is just too much.  If there was no glitter and it was slightly less glowy, I could possibly get away with it, but given how it is, I can’t.  

My final miss of the month is the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen. This is only okay.  It claims to be waterproof, but it most definitely is not waterproof.  I can remove this (and have done from the back of my hand) with water wipes.  

It’s not as opaque as I would like it to be either and when I apply it over eyeshadow (not glitter or anything, just a regular pressed shadow) doesn’t have full opacity and my eyeshadow is still visible through it.  If you try to build it up, it remove product so you are left with patches in your liner.

If I was using glitter or had chunks of shadow or something on my lid, I could understand that, but not over regular shadow especially when it costs £23  (approximately €27-€29).  For that price I expect good quality — I don’t get that with this. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading,

Until next time,

Take care xx

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