Catrice Cosmetics 2019 Spring/Summer Collection

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgerous PR package from Catrice with some products from their recently-launched Spring/Summer collection.  There are some beautiful products included in this collection and I’m excited to share them with you today.  

I had planned to show these on my Instagram Stories on Monday morning, however my internet was down all day and when it came back in the evening, it was painfully slow.  It’s still not back up to full speed and because of that I’m unable to post much to my stories at the moment.

So, I thought a blog post would be better as I am still able to show you the products and at least you can refer back to it for information should you need to. 

I haven’t used everything they sent me so I cannot review them at this time, however, when I do use them, I will review them and I will have a blog post all about them.  

Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara — The wand on this mascara reminds me a lot of the wand on the Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl & MAC Cosmetics Upward Lash Mascara.  It’s a small, stiff plastic wand that I imagine will be great for getting right into the root of your top lashes. 

Catrice Glam & Doll Boost Lash Growth Volume Mascara

This claims to stimulate lash growth & give double the volume within 6 weeks. I will start using this soon & will update you as I go along.  It looks like it will give great volume & definition to your bottom lashes too. This is priced at €5.50. 

It’s Easy Tattoo Liner — This claims to be waterproof & comes in one shade, black. It has a very fine nib, ensuring a nice, thin line. It is very black & pigmented & lasts well. I’m still trialling this so I cannot give a full review at present. This is €3.70.

Catrice It’s Easy Tattoo Liner

1 Minute Face Perfector — This was one of the most intriguing products. It has a light mouse texture that mattifies my skin slightly.  It doesn’t offer much coverage, but it great for those days where you want little to no makeup.

Catrice 1 Minute Face Perfector

It’s very comfortable to wear & doesn’t cause my skin to feel drier than normal or uncomfortable. I’m still trialling this so I can’t give a full review at present.  This is €6.80 for 17g.  

Catrice 1 Minute Face Perfector

My only criticism of this is that it comes in only one shade, which is supposed to adapt to your skin tone.  As you can see in the above swatch, it does adapt very slightly, but it is still about ½ a shade too dark for me.  In summer with a natural tan or with false tan I could get away with it, but not without either of them.

Glow Illusion Loose Powder — I haven’t used this yet, but from swatching it, it looks like & reminds me of the Java Rice powder by Bourjois.  It doesn’t feel like the Java Rice powder, it feels much softer & silkier. 

Catrice Glow Illusion Loose Powder

If you read my February Hits & Misses, you’ll know I am not a fan of that.  It is definitely more of a subtle highlighter for me, it is much too glowy to use as an all-over setting powder.  Hopefully this is nicer & less glowy so can be used a powder.  I will update you as I use it. 

This comes in a nicely sized plastic tub & has a really nice sifter, so you get a small amount of powder each time making it less messy than some other loose powders.  This is €5.95 for 11g

Golden Dust Highlighter Drops — This is my favourite product so far that I have tried.  It’s fabulous.  I LOVE the colour.  It’s golden, but is looks so soft on.  It’s so, so beautiful. 

Catrice Golden Dust Highlighter Drops

It has a creamy formula, but it dries to a powder finish.  It doesn’t break-down or disturb my base in any way & doesn’t affect the performance of my foundation/base products.  I am still trialling this, but so far, it’s my favourite product.  This id €5.10 for 14ml.

HD Active Performance Primer — This has SPF which is a bonus for me. I wear SPF daily but I love when makeup products have it included too.  This claims to be sweat & waterproof while offering a soft-focus effect & minimises pores. 

Catrice HD Active Performance Primer

Although it is white in the bottle, it is transparent once on the skin. It sounds fabulous & exactly what I like in a primer. I will start using this soon & will update you once I’ve used it enough to form an opinion.  This is €5.50 for 15ml. 

One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer — This is another product that intrigued me.  I love the sound of it so I was very excited when I saw it was included in the press pack that was sent to me. 

Catrice One Drop Coverage Weightless Concealer

This comes in 4 shades & I have the shade ‘010 Light Beige’.  I have used this a few times & I really, really like it. 

  • Doesn’t cause any issues with eyeshadow creasing, fading, blending etc.
  • Lightweight with good coverage & blends in easily
  • Minimal creasing
  • Nice dropper applicator with no mess

I need to use it a few more times, but so far so good.  This is €4.95 for 7ml. 

Power Pluming Gel Lipstick — These lipsticks come in ten shades & I have two.  I have 010 ‘My Lips, My Rules’ (nude) and 090 ‘The Future Is Femme’ (red).  These are beautiful.  They have a creamy-gel formula & are so, so comfortable to wear, they apply really nicely & don’t drag on my lips.  They include Hyaluronic Acid as an ingredient, hence they are not drying & don’t accentuate any lines on my lips. 

Catrice Power Pluming Gel Lipstick

‘The Future Is Femme’ has good coverage in one swipe, but two swipes gives full coverage.  ‘My Lips, My Rules’ takes a few coats to get a light coverage, but I haven’t been able to build it up to full coverage.  These are vegan & cost €5.50 (each). 

Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss — This is a beautiful gloss to wear.  It has a nice tint of colour, so it’s perfect for no makeup days, or just to add a shine to a matte lipstick. 

It’s not sticky, gloopy or uncomfortable to wear & it feels really lovely & moisturising on my lips.  It has a slightly sweet scent that isn’t strong or overpowering.  This lasts 2-3 hours before I need to top up. 

Catrice Generation Plump & Shine Lip Gloss ‘070 Nude Sapphire’

It has a really nice doe-foot application, that is stiff with some flexability.  It applies just the right amount of product too, so your lips won’t be overloaded with product on the first swipe.

These are €4.50 & there is 5 shades available, pictured is the shade ‘070 Nude Sapphire’.  I will definitely pick up another one or two.  It’s one of the nicest glosses I’ve ever used.

(L-R) ICONails Gel Lacquer Nail Polish in ‘You Glow My Mind’, More Than Nude Nail Polish in ‘Pearly Ballerina’, Translucent Galactic Glow Nail Lacquer Effect Nail Polishes ‘Enchanted By Prismatic Spell’

More Than Nude Nail Polishes — There are five shades in this range and I have the shade ‘Pearly Ballerina’, which is a gorgeous colour. 

Translucent Galactic Glow Nail Lacquer Effect Nail Polishes — There are six shades in this range and I have the shade ‘Enchanted By Prismatic Spell’, which is a gorgeous pinky colour. 

ICONails Gel Lacquer Nail Polishes — I have one of these polishes in the shade ‘You Glow My Mind’, which is a beautiful shades.

I have not used any of these polishes yet, but when I do, I will let you know how they are.  I have used Catrice polishes in the past and always found them to be of good quality.  They apply really nicely, evenly and without any streaking.  They dried down very quickly and lasted well with a good top-coat.  I never had any issue with them, so I’m sure these will be just as good.

In addition to the products I was sent there are many more included in their collection.  Some of which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Carribean Vibes Bouncy Bronzer – Available in 2 shades: ‘010 Aruba Vibes’ & ‘020 Cuba Vibes’, €4.50 each.
  • Eyeshadow palettes x3 – Superbia Vol. 1 Warm Copper Edition, Superbia Vol. 2 Frosted Taupe Edition (€10.15 each) & The Edgy Lilac Collect palette (€5.50)
  • Generation Matt Comfortable Liquid Lipstick. Available in 10 shades, two of which are metallic. €4.50 each.
  • Heavenly Holo Full Cover Nail Sticker ‘01 XOXO Holo’ €3.50.
  • It’s Easy Black Liner ‘010 Blackest Black’ (non-waterproof veresion of the Tattoo Liner), each liner is €3.70.
  • Liquid Camouflage Under Eye Primer – ‘010 Primed & Smooth’ €3.95.
  • Prêt-à-Volume False Lashes Mascara ‘010 Deep Black’ €4.95

I will definitely be picking up some other products from this collection, I would really like to try the bronzer, matt liquid lipsticks, Prêt-à-Volume False Lashes Mascara and under eye primer.  I’ll definitely check them out when I am near a Catrice stand next. 

Catrice is available online from Inish PharmacyMcCabes Pharmacy, Meaghers, Sam McCauley’s and Staunton’s Pharmacy

They are also available in Penneys stores throughout Ireland as well as independent pharmacies and selected Dunnes Stores shops.  In the U.S Catrice is available in and Ulta.  You can also find Catrice Ireland on Facebook and Instagram

If you have tried anything from Catrice or in particular this range, let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you have tried.

Thank you for reading, until next time, take care xx

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The products shown in this post were very kindly gifted to me by Catrice Cosmetics Ireland, however, this post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the brands or companies mentioned and all opinions are my own.  No affiliate links are used in this, or any other post.