Affordable Beauty Series | Week 9 | Eyeliner
We are onto week nine of my Affordable Beauty Series and this week is all about eyeliner.  Eyeliner is something I struggle with, I’m not great at it but there are a few that I use because they make it easy for me to get a nice, definitive line, they are easy to work with and they’re affordable.  

There are four eyeliners that I really like and all can be bought in Boots, Superdrug  etc. except for one, however because it’s so close to some affordable/drugstore brands I am going to include it. 

Barry M On Point Precision Eyeliner – This is a great option if you’re new to eyeliner or makeup in general.  It has a really fine tip so it is very easy to get a nice, thin, crisp line.  It’s black but not as black as the Eyeko or S&G liners.  It’s doesn’t flake or fade, but it does smudge slightly around 6-7 hours after application, so you do get a bit of wear time with it. 

It claims to be waterproof, however, it is most definitely not waterproof.  I have tested this by removing it with water wipes and it came off, so don’t rely on this to stay in place if you’ve watery eyes or get caught in a rain shower because it won’t stay put.  

It’s a nice one for running errands or a day at home if you want to wear minimal makeup, it’s a good option but not the most reliable.  It is the cheapest of the three coming in at €6.99 in Boots.

Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner was included in Marks & Spencer’s 2016 Advent Calendar which was when I first tried it and found an affordable eyeliner that I really liked and found easy to use.  It’s jet black, dries quickly and to a matte finish and doesn’t flake or smudge. 

It’s not the most long lasting though.  I notice around 5-6 hours after application there is some fading, so it’s not one for events or special occasions. It has a lovely shape and size tip so it’s great for getting a nice definitive line.  You can get a thin or thick line with it.  It’s a really lovely eyeliner and it’s a nice option to have.  This is £16 on Beauty Bay.

(L-R) Barry M On Point, Eyeko Skinny Liner, NYC Liquid Matte Black, Inglot AMC Gel #77

NYC Liquid Matte Black Liquid Eyeliner is the best liquid liner I’ve used.  I prefer to use mine with a thin liner brush as the brush that comes with this I find slightly difficult to use (that’s me, not the brush, I’m not great at liner as I said above).

This is similar to Inglot’s AMC Gel Liner in #77, it’s super black, dries quickly and to a matte finish, it doesn’t fade, smudge or flake and it’s long wearing too.  I usually get it in Dealz for only €1.50.

My all time favourite eyeliner though has to be Inglot’s AMC Gel Liner in #77 without a doubt.  It is easily the best eyeliner I’ve used, and that’s saying something because I’ve used a lot of eyeliners over the years. 

It is incredibly pigmented, it’s longwearing, super black, dries quickly and to a matte finish, it’s long wearing and it doesn’t flake, smudge or budge.  It’s a great one for the waterline too because it won’t give you panda eyes. 

It’s only €15 which is only €3-€5 more expensive than NYX, Maybelline, L’Oreal and other affordable/drugstore brands.  I have a full review on it here. It’s pretty difficult to remove, cream cleansers, makeup wipes etc won’t remove it.  The best (and easiest) product is an oil makeup remover. It makes light work of breaking down the liner for easy removal.

Soap & Glory’s Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen is another one I highly rate.  This lasts for hours.  I’ve worn this on occasion for 12-14 hours and it has stayed put with no flaking, smudging or fading.  It’s super black and dries to a matte finish and once set, it doesn’t budge.  To remove it I need to use a cleansing oil or an oil-based cleanser to break it down. 

Boots have three liners listed in the Supercat range, however this is the only one that I have tried so I can’t say what the other two are like, but if they’re anything like this, they’re worth checking out. It has a lovely tip too, very similar to Eyeko’s, it’s slightly thinner but not as thin as BarryM’s. 

It’s very easy to create a definite, thin line with and if you like winged liner, it’s easy to do a wing too.  I found the tip on BarryM’s too long for a wing and the Eyeko one too short.  This one is somewhere in between both in size and length.This particular liner is €9 in Boots, which is a steal considering the quality and how good it is.

Are there any drugstore/affordable liners that you like and recommend?

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