Affordable Beauty Series | Week 10 | Mascara

We are onto week ten of my Affordable Beauty Series and this week is all about mascara.  I only have three affordable mascaras that I really like and would repurchase.  I struggle with drugstore mascaras because they don’t give me most, or all, of what I ask for from a mascara.  

The third one, by Catrice, has unfortunately been discontinued here in Ireland (don’t you just hate when that happens?!), it’s one of the best I’ve ever used and such a bummer that is now discontinued.  I wish it would be re-released, even for a limited time.  I’m not sure if it is available in other countries, but I’ll include it in case it is.

The first two mascaras I love are by Maybelline.  They’re the Lash Sensational and Volumn’ Rocket Express, both in the waterproof formula.

They both separate and define my lashes, whilst giving length and volume, but without the dreaded “spider leg” effect.

(L-R) Rocket Volumn’ Express, Lash Sensational.

I love the wand of the Lash Sensational.  It’s a curved wand that is a nice length, it’s not too long or short.  It coats my lashes nicely and evenly and it’s quite easy to get at my inner and outer corner lashes too without poking myself in the eye.

The wand of Rocket Volumn’ is nice too, but slightly stiff and it’s not as easy to get into my corner lashes without getting mascara on my inner corner.  Not a big deal, but annoying all the same.  That said, because of how well this mascara works and how much I like it, I can overlook that.

They are both super black and long wearing.  Because they are waterproof, they are not the easiest to remove, I need to use an oil or oil-based cleanser to break them down for easy removal.  They’re both €11.99 full price, but are regularly on offer.

The Catrice mascara is their ‘3D Lash Multimizer’ Mascara in the non-waterproof formula.  This is a fabulous mascara, and without a doubt, the best affordable one I have ever used.  It’s not hugely different from the two Maybelline mascaras, but there is something about it that I just prefer and gives it that bit more edge than both of the Maybelline mascaras.

Catrice ‘3D Lash Multimizer’ Mascara

It gave me everything I asked for and more.  Length, volume, separation, definition, longevity, no clumping, flaking or smudging and it was incredibly pigmented too.  One of the blackest mascaras I’ve ever used. 

The only criticism I could have of this Catrice mascara is that when you start using it first, it is watery and when you’ve used it a few times it does get more dry, but I didn’t find that to have any effect on the performance, application or longevity of the mascara.

Honestly the effect from this wasn’t a whole lot different from Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir.  Because it’s Catrice, it’s super affordable, whilst still being great quality.  In Ireland this was around €4 I believe, I mean, you can’t go wrong, you really can’t.

Are there any affordable/drugstore mascaras that you would recommend? I would love to try some more so send me any recommendations you have.

Until next time, take care xx

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