Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent’s All Hours Foundation received huge hype last year after it’s release and for the past few months I have been trying it out and today I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you.

September 2017 saw the launch of the Yves Saint Laurent All Hours range which included five items.  Included in the range was a liquid foundation, cushion foundation, liquid concealer, primer and beauty sponge. 

Over the following months this range was everywhere across social media.  Everyone was raving about it.  No one could get enough of this apparently fabulous new range.

Being the reluctant gal that I am, I was hesitant to try any of these products at first because they’re quite expensive but also because I’m almost always pretty reluctant to buy the hype around products. 

There are very few products that I will rush out and buy.  I like to wait until the hype dies down and I see reviews from less well-known bloggers and influencers. 

“A rich level of fine pigments means full coverage with a flawless, even finish, without a mask-like effect.

The high coverage foundation’s innovative formula is waterproof and transfer-resistant, with no compromise on comfort and no need to touch up.”

– Yves Saint Laurent

From what YSL say alone this sounds pretty amazing, it’s unsurprising they were quite popular. 

Long wearing? Full coverage? Flawless? Waterproof? Transfer resistant? Pore Reducing? All of that in one foundation? Eh yes please!!!

I was very eager to try these given all the hype that had surrounded them and finally earlier this year I spotted the range on offer so decided to purchase the concealer and foundation to try. 

It was around €40 for both which was a bargain considering they cost €42 and €34 respectively.  I bought the shade B20 which is a perfect match for me.

Having dry skin I was slightly apprehensive because matte foundations aren’t recommended for dry skin but I though I would give it a go anyway and hope it worked for me.

It does have a matte finish, but it’s not a flat matte, it’s more of a semi-matte with a radiant finish. 

On my dry skin it actually looked lovely, I was pretty happy with it upon application.

“The YSL All Hours Liquid Matte Foundation formula is enriched with a skincare complex and UV filter leaving skin looking fresh and smooth.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.”

– Yves Saint Laurent

Around two hours after application it started to look oily and greasy all over and it sank into my pores.  

I didn’t powder or blot, instead I decided to leave it and see if it got any better or worse.

You can see how it looks and how it separated in the third pic how it gathered around my top lip.

Around three hours after application the foundation started to break down and gather around various areas of my face.

It gathered around the sides of my nose, over my top lip, on my chin, between my brows and just over my brows.

At this point I tried to salvage it by going over it with a brush and patting it which didn’t work so I tried a beauty blender, which also didn’t work.

Both tools seem to just remove/lift the foundation from where it was gathered, making it look patchy and frankly, worse.  It was awful.

At as a last resort I tried to powder it very lightly – big mistake. It looked ten times worse.  It was heavy, cakey, patchy and uneven.

YSL claim that this is transfer resistant and waterproof – it is definitely not transfer resistant in my experience. 

Set or not set if I touch my face at all I will have a finger mark.  I won’t get away with having a flawless finish.

After spending close to €30 on this I didn’t want to let this go to waste.  I tried mixing different illuminators, primers and liquids into it as a last resort to try and make it work.

I tried using it without any setting powder but so far, nothing has worked.  It is determined to look oily on me no matter what.  I don’t have oily skin so I can’t figure out why it looked oily/greasy on me.

While it didn’t oxidise to a darker colour, it did turn to a horrible yellowish colour, which I found strange.  This happened both with and without setting it.

It also sets quickly so you need to work fast to blend it out.  I found doing small areas at a time better to get an even application without any patchiness. 

I really like the packaging.  It’s classy and it looks and feels expensive.  There is a pump dispenser which I’m a big fan of, it makes it easy to dispense the right amount. 

I’ve since given it away as I just couldn’t make it work, no matter what I tried it just ended up looking awful on me.  I tried the concealer too (full review here) and that also didn’t work for me.  Needless to say  I’m pretty disappointed with them both especially given the hype surrounding the range. 

Did you try anything from the All Hours range? What did you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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