Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palettes

Thew new Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Palettes were released on 5th July and any regular readers will know from previous posts that Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite beauty brands. 

I love their products and have always found them to be of very high quality.  Some of their brushes I’ve had for a few years and they are still going strong to this day.

I first saw these palettes on Amy Conway’s Instagram at the end of June and I fell in love.  They are beautiful.  When I saw them, I knew they were going to be mine.  I just knew it.  The bronze one in particular is stunning.

Bobbi Brown Nudes on Nudes Eye Palettes.  Bronzed Nudes (top), Rosy Nudes (bottom)

I really didn’t need any more eyeshadows or makeup, but I am a sucker for Bobbi Brown. I nearly always purchase something from their new collections.

There are two palettes, Rosy Nudes and Bronze Nudes and as their names suggest, they are bronze and rosy shades, which are my favourite type of shades.

Bobbi Brown have the following descriptions listed for these palettes:

Bronzed Nudes – A limited-edition eye palette packed with rich matte, metallic and sparkle nude shades perfect for creating dreamy to dramatic looks. 

A limited-edition eye palette packed with rich matte, metallic and sparkle nude shades perfect for creating dreamy to dramatic looks. 

Rosy Nudes – A limited-edition eye palette packed with an array of rich and rosy nude shades perfect for creating sweet to sultry looks.”

There are ten shades in each palette.  There is a mixture of matte, shimmer wash and metallic shadows. The Bronzed Nudes palette includes the following colours: 

  • Bone (Matte)
  • Buff (Matte)
  • Burnt Amber (Metallic Eye Shadow)
  • Copper Chocolate (Sparkle Eye Shadow)
  • Frappe (Matte)
  • Golden Glow (Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow)
  • Pink Copper (Sparkle Eye Shadow)
  • Chocolate Truffle (Metallic Eye Shadow)
  • Milk Chocolate (Matte)
  • Black Chocolate (Matte)

 Swatched using a Blank Canvas E24

The Rosy Nudes palette includes the following shades:

  • Chocolate Smoke (Sparkle Eye Shadow)
  • Dusk (Metallic Eye Shadow)
  • Milk Chocolate (Matte)
  • Nude (Matte)
  • Nudest (Matte)
  • Rich Caviar (Matte)
  • Sunrise Glow (Sparkle Eye Shadow)
  • Tan (Matte)
  • Watercolor Pink (Metallic Eye Shadow)
  • White Smoke (Matte)

Swatched using a Blank Canvas E24

As you can see from the swatches, the lighter colours (Bone, Golden Glow, Nudest, Sunrise Glow & Nude) barely show up on my skin – and I’m pale. 

The colours in each palette aren’t hugely different and Milk Chocolate makes an appearance in both palettes.

The colours Copper Chocolate (Bronzed Nudes), Chocolate Truffle (Bronzed Nudes) and Chocolate Smoke (Rosy Nudes) all appear quite similar both in their pans and when swatched.

They have a lovely, silky smooth, almost creamy formula, they have great pigmentation and they are long-lasting too.

I have applied these in the morning and by the evening/night time (sometimes twelve hours later) they are still there without any smudging, fading or creasing. 

Bobbi Brown Nudes on Nudes Bronzed Nudes Eye Palette

The only criticism I have of these is that the sparkle shadows benefit from a primer or cream shadow to adhere to the eyelid. When I used the sparkle shadows without anything to adhere to, I had a lot of fallout under my eyes. 

I use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, but you can use any primer, it’s just what I have at the moment.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer

My preferred method is to apply my transitional colours first.  Once they are blended I then apply a primer to my lids where I will be placing the sparkle shadows and the use my finger to apply the sparkle shadow.

I have found that when I apply the sparkle shadows with my fingers I get better pigmentation and less fall out.  With a brush I don’t get quite as much pigmentation and there is quite a bit of fall out.

I personally haven’t found the primer to help with longevity or pigmentation.  It only helps the sparkle shadows to adhere to my eyelids better than they do without it.

Bobbi Brown Nudes on Nudes Rosy Nudes Eye Palette

These palettes are pricey, they are £39.00 / €47.00 which is on the high end of the band price wise.

Are they worth such a high price? To be honest, I’m not sure.  They are quite expensive and considering that there are many palettes out there that cost less and have more colours in them.  I’m not sure that £39.00 / €47.00 is justified for each of these.

I am very glad I have these and they are palettes I have gotten a lot of use from and will continue to get a lot of use from.  However that’s just me personally.

If you like neutral or rose toned colours, these will be right up your alley.  However if you have similar colours already, these won’t be anything different, unique or unusual to your collection.

If you would like to purchase these palettes then you are in luck as they are in stock on Bobbi Brown UK,, John Lewis, Brown Thomas, ASOS, Look Fantastic and House of Fraser.

They are also available in The Loop Duty Free and World Duty Free, where they are a little cheaper than in high street retailers.

They are limited edition however, so if you want them, you need to be quick!

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