Stila ‘Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow’ Liquid Eye Shadows in Bronzed Bell, Rose Gold Retro & Kitten Karma

In 2017 Stila released their Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows which took the makeup world by storm. Everyone wanted them, everyone loved them and there wasn’t a bad word to be said or heard about them. Makeup lovers couldn’t get enough of these new (and magnificent 😉) eyeshadows. 

They are something that I had been wanting to try since they first launched, however, they are quite expensive, they retail for £23.00 / €27.00 which is pretty pricey for what is essentially a liquid eyeshadow with specks of glitter.

Not only was the price putting me off but the hype surrounding these I found off-putting also. 

I’ve mentioned before I’m sure that when products gain endless hype I’m always reluctant to buy into it because I often feel that a lot of people buy into it just because everyone else is so I usually wait until the hype dies down.

I finally caved and bought three of these. I bought mine when they were on sale because I wasn’t paying €27 for one.  No way was I.  It’s far too expensive in my opinion.  I got the shades Bronzed Bell, Kitten Karma and Rose Gold Retro. 

(Top to Bottom) Rose Gold Retro, Kitten Karma, Bronzed Bell

Bronzed Bell is a bronze shade with specks of silver glitter running through it. Rose Gold Retro is like a peachy gold with specks of silver glitter running through it. Kitten Karma is a champagne colour with silver and gold/copper specks running through it. 

They are extremely pigmented, far more than I expected them to be.

Stila have the following listed as the description for these shades: 

  • Bronzed Bell (Bronze with silver and copper sparkle)
  • Kitten Karma (Champagne with silver and copper sparkle)
  • Rose Gold Retro (Rose gold with silver sparkle)

Photo taken inside on a dull day

I find they dry down quite quickly so I prefer to do one eye at a time. They are very long lasting and don’t crease, however what I have noticed is that after a few hours of wear, the glitter specks tend to flake off and stick to my face and they’re quite hard to get off.

I can’t just brush them away, they don’t move.  Cloud10Beauty say in their description that there is “minimal fallout”, which I disagree with. The fallout is far from minimal.

This is what Stila have to say about these shadows: 

“Jewels for the eyes! Lavish lids with this dazzling, long-wearing liquid, sparkle eye shadow.  The perfect mix of pearl and glitter adorns eyes with incredible luster and shimmer.

How it works:

Varying sizes of pearl and glitter for maximum sparkle.  Lightweight, water-infused formula glides on effortlessly, then dries down smoothly, locking in sparkle with minimal fallout.

Why It’s Unique:

  • Long-lasting sparkle that stays put
  • Luxuriously smooth laydown
  • Lightweight, comfortable wear”

Picture taken inside at night with no flash or direct light

In my experience Rose Gold Retro dries quite quickly whereas Bronzed Bell takes a little longer and  Kitten Karma takes quite a bit longer as I need to do one layer at a time and allow each layer to before applying another. 

I need to keep my eye closed while these shadows are drying because they will transfer to my crease/upper eye area and once they dry down they won’t come off without makeup remover. 

Photo taken inside with flash

They have a doe foot applicator which is a nice size although it does apply quite a bit of product so I like to apply a little of the shadow straight from the wand onto my eye and then blend upwards towards the crease with a fluffy brush so the pigment isn’t as intense. 

Because of the glitter particles I struggle with applying felt tip eyeliners over these. I’ve found my Inglot Gel Eyeliner the best (and easiest) eyeliner to use with these.  Felt tip liners ‘skip’ over the glitter and leave gaps in my eyeliner. 

Photo taken in natural sunlight

Kitten Karma is the only disappointing one I’ve tried.  To be honest, I am more than a little disappointed with it.  It’s not nearly as good as Rose Gold Retro and Bronzed Bell.

The consistency is watery and the glitter does not adhere to my eyelids at all.  I don’t have this issue with the two others I have.  In the photo you wouldn’t think that though.

I had to really layer it just to get some opacity from it which is very disappointing considering how expensive these are.  Frankly for such a high price point I expect consistency between shades.

I do love these and I love the colours I got, I just wish the quality was the same among all the shades and I wish they weren’t as expensive as I would definitely purchase more (depending on quality of course).  The glitter flaking off is annoying but it’s something I can get over.

I’ve never used any other liquid eye shadows so I have nothing to compare these too, so I can’t say what other brands have or may have something similar, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see if I can spot anything similar and something that doesn’t cost as much.

These eye shadows can be purchased from Cloud10BeautyBoots, Cult Beauty Feel Unique and Beauty Bay to name but a few.

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