Micro Exfoliating Balm by Oskia London

Oskia London is a brand I discovered late last year when I started trying their products. I had heard about them before, in particular their Renaissance Cleansing Gel was the product I’d heard about the most.

Just before Christmas I had a look on Cult Beauty and noticed they sold Oskia and as I had a gift voucher I decided to pick up a few bits, including this balm. 

I love a good facial scrub, however some of them can be quite harsh, however this one isn’t  It is one of the most gentle I’ve ever used.

It is exactly as the name suggests – it’s a micro exfoliating balm.  It has tiny little scrubby bits that gently exfoliate my skin but don’t strip it.  Once removed there is no oily or greasy residue.  Your skin feels soft, smooth, bright and it feels like I’ve have moisturised, even though I haven’t.

The balm is lovely and it’s a nice change from other facial scrubs, this one is more gentle and suits my skin better because it is not harsh or abrasive.

Oskia’s products are on the pricier side with this balm coming in at a hefty £49.50.   I was hesitant to buy it because £49.50 is a lot to pay for something especially for something I had never tried or seen in person but luckily I love it.

It feels luxurious and expensive, mind you, for £49.50 it would want to.

Although Oskia’s products are expensive they are, in my opinion, worth every penny.  They are good quality and work wonderfully for my skin. Skincare is something I don’t mind splashing out on because it is important to me.

Thanks for reading, until next time, take care xx

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