Sanctuary Spa ‘4 Day Long Lasting Moisture Oil’ Body Scrub

The Sanctuary Spa brand is a long-time favourite of mine.  They make great body products, although they are on the pricier side, they are definitely worth it.  I’ve been using their products for around five or six years now and they are one brand I constantly repurchase from.

I spotted this particular body scrub in my local Boots for €2 and there was a 3-for-2 on at the time so I picked up three of them, costing €6 which is a bargain price considering is €9 for one.  I thought it was a pricing error but nope, at the checkout they scanned at €2.

As I have dry skin on my body I love to use products that will help to hydrate and banish my dry skin.  When I saw this scrub and the description I figured it would be one I’d like and one that would help my skin.

According to Sanctuary this scrub will leave your body feeling smooth and deeply hydrated for up to four days after just one use.  Sounds amazing.

The scrub is packaged in a clear tube, which I like.

The only way I have been able to get it out is to cut the tube open to get it out that way.  It’s waaaaay too thick to squeeze out through the orange top.

I also found it difficult to apply, which I found unusual as I haven’t had that experience with other scrubs.  On wet skin this scrub just slides off, it just won’t apply properly at all.  I can only get it to apply decently on bone dry skin and then rinse it off, which isn’t ideal.

It leaves my skin with a thick layer of grease, which is not nice at all.  I can actually scrape the grease/oils off with my nails the layer is so thick.  It gets on the towels and won’t wash out.  I ruined two towels with it.

This has been a total fail for me, which is disappointing given how much I love the Sanctuary’s products.  I always repurchase and recommend them.

I’ve resorted to using it as a hand scrub and gave away my two other tubes.  I am struggling to get through one, so I can’t imagine myself getting through three.

There are so many Sanctuary products that I love and recommend, unfortunately this isn’t one of them.

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