L’Oréal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk & Toner

Affordable products are something we all love, I’m no exception.  I love finding affordable products that work wonders without damaging my skin, causing irritation or breakouts.  These two by L’Oréal are some such products.

Last year L’Oréal released a new range which includes a cleaning milk, cleansing cream, toner, facial wipes and facial wash.  The range is called Fine Flowers.

I’ve tried the cleansing milk and the toner from this range.  Both of which I love.  

They’re very gentle on my skin and haven’t caused any irritation.

The cleansing milk is wonderful for breaking down makeup.  I put 1-2 pumps in my hands then gently rub my face before wiping everything away with a soft cloth.

If I use cotton pads I use more product and go through several cotton pads.  I use far less product this way and I don’t rub my skin as much.  

After I remove my make up with the soft cloth I apply my second cleanser and use my facial cleansing brush to ensure all traces of makeup have been removed.

It even works on some waterproof make-up such as my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, although it does take a little more work than face make up or eye shadow.

With the toner, I usually decant it into a spray bottle and spray it on my face, again, I use less product, but also, it is gentler than rubbing my face with a cotton pad and it’s quicker too.  The toner absorbs quickly so I don’t have to wait around for ages waiting for it to absorb

I quite like how soft the toner leaves my skin.  Some toners can leave my skin feeling tight and slightly uncomfortable because it is dry, but this toner doesn’t do that. 

Although both products are inexpensive, they are effective and do what they should without causing issues. 

The packaging is equally as gorgeous as the products themselves.  The bottles are a lovely pink colour.  As they are plastic, they don’t weigh much considering the size of each product.  They are both 400ml so they last for ages. 

You can find the whole range on Feel Unique, who currently have an offer off 31% off each product making them even more affordable.

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