GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

GlamGlow masks are a cult favourite and have been for the past few years.  I think it was 2013 or thereabouts when they became very popular here in Ireland.

Everyone was raving about them, everyone wanted them and they were constantly selling out.  They were impossible to get a hold of.

Generally when a product or brand gains as much hype as GlamGlow did I am usually sceptical that a lot of people are just buying into the hype for the sake of it.

I got a sample of their Supermud mask, which, according to Sephora was “developed to address common skin concerns, which include blemishes, redness, scars, razor bumps, and in-grown hair.”

My skin concerns are, redness, pores and the odd spot but for the most part my skin is clear. 

The mask itself is a charcoal colour with a liquorice scent.  The scent isn’t strong and once the mask dries down the scent seems to disappear.  When the mask starts to dry I can feel a tightening sensation, but it’s not uncomfortable or anything.

I apply it with a paintbrush style brush, like a MAC 190.  This type of brush works best for getting a nice, even, thin layer.  It applies just the right amount of product.

Once this mask starts drying down I can see where my pores are and that the mask is doing a pretty good job at clearing them and drawing out impurities.  Once it’s fully dry it turns to a grayish green colour as you can see in the below photo.

A thin layer is all you need.  It takes a while to dry down (15-20 minutes for me) so if you apply a thicker layer you’ll need to wait longer and could end up irritating your skin.  

I love this mask to really draw out impurities and leave my skin feeling clear.  I am very lucky that I don’t get spots often but when I do I apply this as a spot treatment and leave it work away for a while and then rinse it off. This works wonders at drawing out the spot and helping it to clear up and sod off. 

I haven’t found it to help with dullness, but it definitely helps with keeping my skin clear and helps to get rid of any spots that I get.

This mask is quite pricey.  It’s €45 for 50g in Boots.  However, there is also a 15g travel size in Debenhams for €18 should you wish to try it out before splashing out €45. 

If you really like this mask, GlamGlow have a 100g jar for £59.  Expensive, but worth it. 

A tub usually lasts me around five or six months so it does last a while.

I did try the Sephora Mud Mask which I had heard was a more affordable alternative for this, however, I didn’t find it to work as well.  I feel that Supermud is more potent and so works better.

Although I have dry skin, I haven’t found this mask to have any negative effects on my skin or dry my skin out more, in fact, I would say it has helped my skin.

I don’t often repurchase the same product over and over.  Once I finish a product, I tend to replace it with something new to try.  This mask is one of the few exceptions.  I have repurchased it multiple times and will continue to do so. 

It’s a fabulous mask that works.  It does what is claims to do and never lets me down.  I know I can rely on this which is why I repurchase it

I’d recommend trying this out if it’s something you think you might like but I would try a sample first. 

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