Garnier Natural Rose Water Moisturiser

Affordable skincare is something I love.  Especially when something works better than you expect it to. This moisturiser is one such product.  It’s for dry skin, which I have, and I’ve found it to work wonderfully for me.

My skin is dry it can sometimes feel tight and uncomfortable, so I’m careful with what products I use as I don’t want to cause further dryness.

The cream has a thick consistency which initially made me a little weary.  I thought might be too heavy and possibly greasy,  but I was wrong

It spreads easily and you only need a little per application.  When it’s absorbed, it does leave a slightly tacky feeling on my skin, but it is not greasy in any way.

Despite being thick and rich, it didn’t affect my skin negatively. It didn’t cause any reactions or breakouts.  Instead, it left my skin feeling smooth, moisturised and plump.

The cream is a very light pink colour and has a subtle perfumed scent, which disappears once it is rubbed into the skin.  It comes in a tube which I like, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much room.

I do need to give this moisturiser a good 10-15 minutes to absorb fully before I applying primer or foundation, otherwise they will grab onto different areas and will be difficult to blend out

I normally need to use a serum after my current moisturiser, but with this one I didn’t need to because it was thick enough and provided enough hydration that any extra serums or oils overloaded my skin.

This product is part of Garnier’s Skinactive Rose Water.  In this range there are four products including this moisturiser.  The other products include a cleansing milk, toner and a 3 In 1 Soothing Rose Botanical Balm

The moisturiser is the only product I have tried from this range so I can’t say what the other products are like.

I really like this and it’s one I would pick up again. It’s affordable, widely available, effective and it’s one I would recommend.

It’s only €8.19 in Boots which is very inexpensive and well worth trying if you have normal to dry skin.  Currently Boots have a 3-for-2 offer on selected skincare, incl this moisturiser,

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