PS…. Lipliner in Nude

PS…Beauty is the beauty line by fashion retailer Primark, or Penneys here in Ireland.  Over the last year they have really upped their game with their beauty products and they have revamped most of, if not all of their beauty products.  Not only have they revamped some of their products, but they have brought new ranges to market while they discontinued others.  Their lipliners were one range that they revamped.

There are very few colours available in their lip liner range, which I feel is typical of more inexpensive brands.  Rather than have loads of colours, they’ve stuck to producing different types of lip liners while sticking to the same colours.

I sometimes find with less expensive lip liners they can be quite dry and almost drag across my lips the formula is so dry, this lipliner doesn’t do that. It’s just fabulous.

These lip liners are creamy, smooth, pigmented and they wear off evenly too.  They apply smoothly without dragging on the lips and they aren’t drying.

Not to mention, they are long lasting.  Let’s be realistic, when you are out and about be it shopping, lunch with the girls, an event, whatever, you’ll be having too much fun that you won’t want to be thinking about your lipstick, is it bleeding, is it uneven.   No.  You want to apply it that morning and head off for the day knowing that for a number of hours at least your lip products will stay intact and you can carry on enjoying yourself without having to run to the ladies room and top up.

They are €1.50, an absolute steal at that price.  I’ve gone through two of them already and I’m on my third.  It is my most used nude lip liner.  For the price and quality you’d struggle to beat it I think.

I mentioned in my March favourites that my favourite way to wear this is to apply it all over my lips and then apply a nude or clear gloss over it, so I get a nude lip but without having loads of product(s) on.

I love pairing it with Velvet Teddy by MAC, and pretty much all my nude lipsticks, it just goes so well with all of them, no matter what type of nude I wear, this lipliner is my go-to for all of them.

PS….Lip Liner in Nude

I have Soar by MAC which I love, but those MAC lipliners are €20 each which is pretty expensive for what it is.  I know they are great quality and the shade selection is endless, but I mean, €1.50 compared to €20 for two items that are mostly identical except for the colour, you can’t really go wrong.  The only downside is the shade range because of how limited it is.

As much as I love Soar, I find myself reaching for this one more regularly because of the amazing quality, but also because of the price.  If I run out, no bother, I can pick another up, if I run out of Soar? Well I think twice about picking it up because it’s expensive and at the end of the day it’s just a pinky-brown lipliner, of which, there are many, so I will always find something that I like just as much if not more.

Soar is more of a pinky-brown colour whereas this one by Penneys is lighter in colour more of a nude colour than Soar which on my lips leans more brown than nude.

If you haven’t already, pick up this nude one, you won’t regret it.


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