Catrice Prime & Fine Eye Base

Catrice is a great, budget-friendly brand that produces various products, all of which are of great quality and excellent prices.  Their products are usually between €1 and €10, so you cannot go wrong.  They have a vast range of items and regularly bring new collections to market.

Anytime I hear anyone mention Catrice or a Catrice product they usually have good things to say, it’s not often I hear anything that isn’t praise for their products.

This is one such product.  I’d heard great things about it so and I couldn’t wait to pick it up.  As I had heard such great things about it, I, naturally expected great things from it. 

It was around €4 I believe so I wasn’t expecting miracles but I had hoped it would hold my shadows in place for a few hours at least, maybe they would be more pigmented as well as apply and blend well for me.

I use good quality eyeshadows so they generally do apply and blend well anyway, but there are some primers that help them to look, perform, apply and blend even better.  

Catrice Prime & Fine Eye Base

This primer is a light nude colour and it comes in a small, slim tube with a doe-foot applicator which applied just enough.

This product left me feeling very disappointed.  It didn’t perform well at all on me.  My eyelids aren’t oily, but they’re not overly dry either.

I always use a primer so eyeshadow have something to adhere to and are more pigmented upon application. 

This eye base just wouldn’t blend out at all on my eyelids.  It just seemed to set immediately upon application, which you would think is a good thing.  I couldn’t blend it out.  I was left with a blob (literally) that only an oil based makeup remover would remove.

Catrice Prime & Fine Eye Base

I was quite disappointed with this because I’d heard such great things about this eye base.  I usually love Catrice products and it’s not often I am disappointed with their products.

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