Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter – Stunner

Liquid highlighters are one my favourite ways to get a glow. I love mixing them in with my foundation for an all over glow, or just patting on top of my cheek bones over or under my foundation if I don’t want an all over glow.

I spotted this on Tarte’s website before Christmas and decided to order it along with a few other things.

When it arrived, I was surprised as its colour, I expected something more golden, but this is a very light gold.

This picture was taken in natural daylight.

This picture was taken with flash.

It’s glittery, which I don’t like at all. Although the glitter isn’t coming across in the photos. I mean, I love a glow, but not a glittery glow. It’s just not nice at all.

It’s a very thick consistency and it doesn’t mix well with foundations at all, nor does it apply well on top of foundation.

Anytime I have mixed it with foundation it has just left clumps of glitter on parts of my face. It’s literally like I dipped my finger in glitter and dabbed it on different areas of my face.

As for applying it over foundation, that doesn’t work either because it just lifts the foundation off and leaves glittery streaks on my face.

I really wanted to love this and thought I would, but for me it is a complete fail. Everything about it I just don’t like, the colour, finish, consistency, performance, just everything.

This costs $29 in Sephora and I think it was a similar price on Tarte’s website too, although it’s not showing on their site now.

I know this comes in two other colours as listed on Sephora and on Tarte’s websites however I have never tried them, but if their consistency is anything like this one, I would give them a miss. It’s an expensive product that just doesn’t perform well at all.



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