MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Guilt

This highlighter by MAC has been one of the most popular highlighters that has been released by them I think. For the past two years it has only been released as part of limited edition collections, namely their Christmas collections.I had tried, in vain, several times to pick this up and was never lucky enough to do so until Christmas 2017 when I finally managed to purchase it from Nordstrom. I was half afraid my order would be cancelled or something, thankfully, it wasn’t.

MAC’s 2017 Christmas Collection, titled Snow Ball, saw the re-release of this product much to the delight of fans worldwide.

Included in their Snow Ball collection were two face kits, a gold one featuring Whisper of Guilt and a peachy-pink one featuring Show Gold, which is part of their permanent collection. Both sets included a travel size 140SE fan brush.Back in February I read on Cosmopolitan that MAC had plans to bring back Whisper of Guilt for good so it would be part of their permanent collection! Hurray!

For Valentines Day 2018 MAC released this highlighter for one day only, but it has now launched, for good, as part of their Extra Dimension Skinfinish range. You can purchase it here for £25.50.

It is a beautiful light golden highlighter that is universally flattering.

Picture taken with flash

A few times I’ve seen people say that it is more suited to those with medium to dark skin tones, which, I agree, I would suit, but it also suits paler skinned ladies like myself. I’m quite pale and I wear it and think it looks great. It doesn’t appear dark or stripe-like on my cheeks so it’s not something that pale skinned ladies should avoid.

Swatched alongside some of my other highlighters

It’s the first and only highlighter I have tried from MAC and I am super impressed. It’s a beautiful shade and add’s a gorgeous glow to the skin without being chunky or glittery. It has such a buttery texture that when applied it just glides on and melts into the skin giving a beautiful glow without being over the top.

It is well worth checking out if you like light golden highlighters and want something that will add glow but without being over the top and something that isn’t chunky or glittery.


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