Inglot 4SS Eye Brush

This brush by Inglot is one that I’ve wanted to try for a while now and I recently decided to bite the bullet and pick it up. I paid €22 for it which isn’t too bad. It’s a good quality and sturdy brush so I expect it will last a while.

When I first got it and used it I found it quite stiff and dense and didn’t know how anyone used it for blending eyeshadow, I couldn’t get it to blend anything, so I washed it a few times and it has softened up nicely and blends shadow perfectly, especially for a blown out smokey eye.

I love this to apply my first transition colour and blend it out really softly, before going in with smaller, more precise brushes with deeper colours.

I had seen in a few videos where people had used this to set their under-eye area and others used it to apply highlighter, so I decided to try it for both of those too.

I personally wasn’t a fan of how this applied highlighter. I felt it applied it almost like a stripe. I think because of the shape of the brush it’s hard to get it spread evenly hence why it tends to give a stripe-effect.

I disliked it for setting my under-eye area too, again because of its shape and it’s too small. I prefer something like the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour Brush to set my under-eye area because it’s the perfect size and shape, but it’s also super soft too. The contour brush from their Core Collection is quite nice for under the eyes also as is the ABH #23 brush.

This brush reminds me a lot of the E25 by Blank Canvas, but it is bigger and more dense than the E25. The E25 is a very fluffy and soft brush which I love and use every time I do my make-up. I can’t be without it. It’s quite possibly my most used eye brush and it is super cheap too.

I love the E25 for blending out harsh edges or achieving a blown out smokey eye because of it’s softness and how well it blends. The 4SS is, as I mentioned above, more dense so I don’t like that for going back in and blending colours together because I find it can just merge all the colours into one, whereas the E25 doesn’t do that.

I do like the 4SS I just wish it was fluffier and less dense than it is. It’s a good quality, sturdy brush and the quality is what I would expect to have when I am paying €22 for a brush, it’s not far off MAC or Bobbi Brown prices.

Because I only really use it for applying my first transition shade I just don’t think I’ll get the use out of it. I had visions of being able to use this brush for multiple things, applying highlighter, blending eyeshadows, setting my under eyes etc but I can’t so I’m stuck with pretty much one or two uses.

This brush can be purchase on or in-store.


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